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Now you can get the Windows Start Menu and Start Button in Windows 8 the consumer preview edition.

Windows 8 Start Menu - How to get the Windows Start Menu back on Windows 8

March 04, 2012 at 09:33:01 AM


It came as a huge surprise to everyone when Microsoft earlier this month released their new Windows 8 Consumer Edition that it came with no windows start menu and no start orb. Apparently a Microsoft director wanted to take Windows in a different direction. Microsoft's vision is that all desktop computing will one day be touchscreen, sadly most people who already own a desktop computer won't be ready to migrate to a touch screen anytime soon. So the radical decision has been made to remove the windows start menu and replace it with what looks like the new Microsoft Xbox dash board, a decison that has annoyed many Windows users to say the least.

Windows 8 without a Start Menu

Fortunately over the last few days I've been working hard to make a version of ViStart that would be more compatible with Windows 8. Now it's here, a version of ViStart that restores the windows start menu and doesn't overlap the existing items on the Windows taskbar. ViStart is the only software that actually restores a replica of the windows start menu on Windows 8. So now users can enjoy a fully functional start menu on Windows 8. You can download ViStart using the button below-


Download Windows Start Menu Windows 8

Windows Start Menu Running on Windows 8


And then you are finished. Enjoy having the old windows start menu back-