Windows Desktop Application Launcher & Windows Desktop Organizer

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ViPad is a the ultimate Windows desktop application launch & organization tool for the windows desktop. You can organize all your windows desktop items in a second and have one click launch for all your favorite apps, games, links, files, social media friends, music and much more. Arrange apps and documents on ViPad in any way you like by dragging apps to different positions or by grouping similar apps into personalized tabs.

Arrange apps the way you like

Simply hold your finger or mouse cursor over an item and drag to arrange it any way you like or even drop it onto another tab to move it there. When there are too many items to show on 1 page ViPad automatically creates additional pages for you to navigate. Multiple pages and multiple tabs!

Intuitive finger and mouse gestures

Easily navigate the other pages in ViPad by swiping the apps with your finger or mouse cursor. ViPad also has built-in support for touch screens and mice!

Filter apps with keyword searching

Start typing the name of your app and ViPad will instantly locate it for you. Gone are the days when you have to manually find your apps on the windows desktop. Just start typing the name of the application and watch ViPad filter the results!

Personalized tabs to organize your Apps!

We know you love to organise and categorize your apps, well now you make your own categories and move apps into your own cateogries. Simply press the “+” button to make a blank new tab. ViPad will bring organisation back to your windows desktop!

Fully adjustable High Definition icon size

Support for true high definition icons you can instantly adjust the size of the apps to any size that you like up to 256×256!

Download extra Icons for ViPad at this website

You can download extra cicons to enhance the look of ViPad


“ViPad – It helps you in organizing all your shortcuts easily and efficiently. ” – AskVG

“ViPad – During testing, we marked the Hide Desktop and Stick to Desktop options in the settings and maximized the application to full screen mode, and simply put it looked awesome. ” –

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