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ViFind is the ultimate El Capitan Menu Bar solution for Windows and it’s not just eye candy either! it’s a fully functional El Capitan menu bar implementation for your Windows desktop. Created by the dream team that brought you the original ViStart start menu! Windows X and Lee-Soft are back. Get the Apple style start button and access your start menu like Apple users do and get the El Capitan OSX menu bar and status menus.

El Capitan Menu Bar running on Windows 10
El Capitan Menu Bar running on Windows 10

El Capitan Style Start Button
The El Capitan style start button provides Mac like access to the Windows start menu.

Real menu bar from actual software
When a Windows app has a menu bar it will be displayed conveniently at the top of the desktop like in OSX- El Capitan

Genuine OS X El Capitan FinderBar user experience
Integrating features from Windows and El Capitan forming the perfect hybrid with a genuine finderbar user experience.

An Original El Capitan Layout Containing
– Taskbar items with pinning item and notification support
– Tray icon support including system icons
– Date/Time display

This is only the first build and it’s highly experimental. So there could be more features to come in the future!



  1. Daniel Aniq Herry Asmadi

    It crash on windows XP SP3 and windows 10 64 bit

    here is the error.log of vifind

    #2016-02-26 23:54:43#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””

    #2016-02-26 23:54:43#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””

    #2016-02-26 23:54:43#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””

    #2016-02-26 23:54:43#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””

    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,”Starting ViDock rev201″

    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set


    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,0,”ShellHelper”,”StartButtonHandler”,”Unable to find start button hWnd”

    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set


    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set


    #2016-02-26 23:54:44#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set


    #2016-02-26 23:54:52#,0,”ShellHelper”,”StartButtonHandler”,”Unable to find start button hWnd”

    #2016-02-26 23:54:53#,0,”ShellHelper”,”StartButtonHandler”,”Unable to find start button hWnd”

    I hope this will help you fix the issue

  2. Whhothe

    not working… windows 10 november update… :/ http://i.imgur.com/nS5pTtyr.png

    • Lee

      Could you tell me which part doesn’t work? From the screenshot it appears functional.

  3. YouTube Li Ming Chun

    You taught us how to video???
    · —— ·

  4. jairo alexis morveli quispe

    hi this looks perfect but when i ide the menu bar on my app i cant see it on vifind, so whats the reason to use it if ill have my menu bar allways on my app? it dont replace ithe menu bar it only shows an aditional menu bar on the top

    could you may do it work when the menu bar is hide? ty dude great add and great features i hope youll do it

    • Lee

      Do you mean the original taskbar sometimes becomes visible when using ViFind?

  5. Hery

    I have split screen with taskbar and windows application, running windows 7 64bit ultimate.. How to fix it..

  6. Kuan

    in the Vifinder, when I click the “drill down” cursor, it crashes too. And the function bar doesn’t always show those options from programs. Eventually I chose to disable Vifinder. (Windows XP)

  7. Robson Ciconelli

    Great! Is great work! Thank you a lot for this application.

    In future version maybe you can improve start menu like osx (not necessary a clone) like obsolete Objectbar.
    Please make a forum to see request of users, improvements, etc… Lots of desktop moders waiting for news and some requests.

    Best regards

  8. Cheryl

    failed- virus detected

  9. Jalen

    Mine works but the bat only shows apple and not the other stuff

  10. Joye

    Hey, I noticed the FinderBar UI wasn’t that accurate, I don’t want to complain, just wanted to point out the design was different, Is there any way you could make a version of this where the icons are layed out like the actual El Capitan menu bar anytime soon? (look at an el capitan screenshot) Other than that, great software! works well with windows 10 and a El Capitan UX style.

  11. Joshua Del Rosario

    Heres a screenshot: http://imgur.com/LxUF9si

    1. Left one has the taskbar on the top with option “Use small taskbar icons on”, but still, startmenu a bit off of ViFind
    2. Right one has the taskbar on the bottom , same results as 1, still a bit off of the bottom screen.
    3. I think ViFind should always (or optionally) bring start menu close to it.
    4. Double clicking system tray icons doesn’t work, only single left click and single right click works.

  12. Luis Albano Calabrano Hidalgo

    hi men, im need help you, my antivirus detect virus and worm, also idea? tnx

  13. ossama mahmoud

    stop the taskbar from disappearing

  14. Haritha


  15. dotails

    When I click full screen about 2 centimeters is reserved at the top of the screen under the task-bar. Also some of the pinned applications don’t appear, Autodesk applications for example.

  16. Juicyousiguy

    it doesn’t work on windows 8.1….everytime i run it it doesn’t open

  17. vivek

    not working… 🙁

  18. Irfan Pinandhityo

    not working in windows 7 32 bit. the system tray icon does not appear, the percentage of battery and wifi icon. please fix..

  19. Dale Corne

    I have ALWAYS loved your work. You are fantastic. I just have one problem with this finderbar. It doesn’t show “File, Edit,View,Go,Window or Help”. It also has no drop down menus. Is it supposed to have those things or am I missing something ? I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

  20. Wesoł

    Is there any way to customize my own this bar?

  21. Ro man

    Sometimes the orginal Windows taskbar is coming to front and vifind is behind the taskbar. In this case i cant use any of the bars. I have to exit vifind and restart explorer.exe. Is there a fix or how can i avoid this?


  22. Luka

    For me ViFind works fine, and its show all, except for File, Edit, and other likely Notepad commands. Big congratulations!

  23. Wesoł

    Try to use Winstep Nexus Dock and in preferences find option Hide Windows Taskbar, obviously only if you use dock like program 😀

  24. Marcel S.

    Is it possible to scale the bar and the elements on it up ?
    Mine looks very small.

    Also is there any configuration windows for this =?

  25. JustaHookra

    So, when a program is not active, can you add finder and go and window and help and other stuff?

  26. Adilson

    Hi Lee

    works on this one are done?
    Any improvements like skinning/theming?

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