Metro Glass Start Menu Windows 8

Start Menu 8 Glass Metro Preview
Metro Windows 8 Consumer Preview by PeterRollar

Start Menu 8 Glass Download Button

Startmenu for Windows8 Consumer Preview
This is a Vistart skin which gives you back the startorb and startmenu in your Windows8 system.What are the benefits? No changes of your system. You can easily try it, and remove it, if you don’t like it.
Check it out.:)

How to use? Download the exe from Leesoft and install it After that copy and paste the Vistart exe to the folder of this deviation..

Screenshots are taken from my Windows8 Consumer Preview system.

Leesoft doesn’t allow the redistribution of their executables any longer. So you have to download the exe here [link] if you want to use this skin.

No use in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!

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