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ViPad joins the other ViApps on GitHub

I found some free time amid all the self isolation chaos to clean up the ViPad code a little and publish it to my GitHub account. It’s now available here https://github.com/lee-soft/ViPad happy forking! Now all that’s left is ViStart and ViSplore

ViGlance goes open source!

I know it’s taking me a while but with a full time job and other responsibilities in my life it’s leaving me with very little free time. ViGlance has finally been released yesterday as open source. Somehow I have managed to … Read More

El Capitan Menu Bar now on GitHub

Happy new year everyone. I am proud to release the source code for ViDock on my github now.

10th anniversary

So I’m 30 now and things are changing so quickly. I’m almost able to write proper a blog post now without any typos, never mind the fact I word processed this post. I barely have time to catch up on … Read More

Fully functional El Capitan Finderbar for Windows

Coming this February, A fully functional El Capitan finderbar for Windows. Now you can get the same of the look, feel and functionality of El Capitan in Windows for free. Coupled with ViPad (Launchpad for Windows) ViFan can transform your … Read More

Unleash the power of your start button

ViOrb the windows start button for Windows just got a major update. Still retaining the blending orb feature I’ve added support for Windows 8 and 8.1 and the ability to jailbreak the windows start button out of the windows task … Read More

Bring the start menu back in Windows 8 and work with Windows 8 like you’re used too in Windows 7

Vistart 8 the ultimate free Start Menu for windows 8 has a new major update. One of the great new features is that, now you can also boot directly to your windows 8 desktop and skip the “metro” apps desktop. … Read More

ViStart 8 – The Ultimate Start Menu For Windows

Get you start menu back in Windows 8 or replace your start menu in the other Windows versions with ViStart 8 Windows Start Menu. A free software by Lee-Soft.com ViStart 8 is more than the official Windows start menu. The … Read More

ViPad – Press Release

Free your desktop with ViPad – Windows Desktop organizer & launch pad. A new free software by Lee-Soft.com. Everybody that uses computers knows the problem of searching for a desktop link or often cannot find apps and files in the windows … Read More