ViStart OneStep package has been updated to include 3 new languages:
Brazilian,Portuguese and Spanish

ViStart OneStep package has been updated to include 2 new languages:
Danish and Polish.

ViStart OneStep now supports (natively);
English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish.

If you want to translate ViStart in your native language or have an improved translation of an existing language for ViStart then please email me directly (leechantrey[at]

If ViStart supports your language but you don’t see ViStart in your native language and would like to use it in your native language then uninstall ViStart via Add/Remove Programs then download the latest version from this website from the official ViStart homepage.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Carlos

    Hi guys,
    when installing viStart 8.1, it automatically installs in English, and I see no other language option, even though I see serveral xml language files. I even tried to rename Spanish.xml to English.xml, but that didn’t work.
    Can you please let me know how to choose Spanish? Can I just modify the settings.xml file and specify it? If so, how?
    Thanks for your help,

  2. Lee Chantrey

    Open up the settings.xml file and search and replace text “english” with “spanish”. Make sure ViStart is closed before you modify the settings.xml file. Also makesure both Spanish.xml and Settings.xml are valid XML documents. Use this website to validate the XML

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