Free your desktop with ViPad – Windows Desktop organizer & launch pad. A new free software by

Everybody that uses computers knows the problem of searching for a desktop link or often cannot find apps and files in the windows start menu. Most people have a cluttered desktop filled with lots of shortcuts and loose time with searching for that shortcut they once put on their desktop. With ViPad you can now easily organize your desktop in a cool and efficient way!

ViPad is a the ultimate Windows desktop application launch & organization tool for the windows desktop. You can organize all your windows desktop items in a second and have one click launch for all your favorite apps, games, links, files, social media friends, music and much more.

It only takes a couple of minutes to organize your desktop the first time and your set to launch all your favorite stuff in a second. Take a look to the tutorial Video to see how ViPad works.

Vipad Features

  • Never have a cluttered windows desktop again
  • Organize your desktop and computer apps in minutes
  • Never search again for your favorite apps, tools, files, music, websites, social media
  • One click launch for all your apps, files, web links, etc
  • Have multiple tabs like, desktop icons, favorite apps, control panel, files, music, games, videos, web links,  etc
  • Make your own custom tabs and add web links of your choice
  • Have custom icons for apps, files and other quick links on ViPad
  • Copy files, apps and web links effortlessly to ViPad
  • Arrange your apps anyway you want
  • Easy navigating
  • Sliding pages like you have on smart phones and iPad for quick and easy navigation
  • Clean cool look of your desktop
  • Add new and cool icon sets to enhance the look of ViPad
  • True high definition icons

More Info on Vipad

Homepage :

Video tutorial : Watch Tutorial video ViPad

Tutorial HTML :  Vipad-tutorial.html

Contact us :

Download ViPad : Download Vipad Installer

Screenshot of ViPad Desktop Launcher
Screenshot of ViPad Desktop Launcher
ViPad Desktop Launcher with blank background
ViPad Desktop Launcher with blank background

Download Press Release in PDF

Download Press Release in DOC

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