Windows Start Button Replacement, ViOrb

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Our start menu button ViOrb is the ultimate Windows 7 start menu button tool. You can download our start menu button and replace your start button today for free. Read here for Start button windows 8

Customize every start menu button with ViOrb

The latest version of ViOrb is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 and 8! So now Windows 8 users can customize their start menu button too!

New start menu button Windows 7 Fading Effects

Now all Windows users can enjoy the fading start button effect found in Windows 7! ViOrb 3 now comes with the Windows 7 start menu button fading effect plus a new Windows 7 Ultimate skin, based on the start menu button found in ViGlance.

Even more customization for your start menu button!

It’s now possible to create skins for ViOrb which are bigger or even smaller than the default ‘start menu button‘ size. ViOrb 3 engine dynamically calculates the width and height of each state in the start button image file.

Supports 3rd party skins

ViOrb, the Windows start menu button by default comes with a Windows 7 skin but it can support 3rd party skins. The screenshot shown on the right is part of fediafedia’s Vista Live pack. It shows a ViStart and ViOrb custom skin by fediafedia.

Transformation Video