ViGlance – Windows 7 Taskbar

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Take back control of your task bar! ViGlance simplifies your windows taskbar by organizing your programs so that there’s clutter. The ultimate upgrade for your Windows Taskbar!

Previews of Windows from your Task bar

Hovering the mouse pointer over an application’s Taskbar icon produces a thumbnail window view known as a snapshot. But when you have multiple windows open in Vista, you see only one preview at a time. ViGlance makes this feature is elegant and more efficient. Hover the pointer on an icon, and thumbnails of the programs’s windows glide into position above the windows task bar, so you can quickly find the window you’re looking for.

Pin your favorite applications

In the past, you could open programs by dragging their icons to the Quick Launch toolbar. ViGlance removes the need for Quick Launch and adds its capabilities into its taskbar. Drag an app’s icon from the desktop to the windows taskbar, and ViGlance will pin it there, so you can launch the program from the task bar without having to search the start menu. You can also organise icons in the Taskbar by moving them to new positions!

7 Start Orb Replica

The start button in Windows XP isn’t very pretty; it’s too big and ugly and its horrible shade of green. ViGlance replaces that horrible over sized start button with a small and efficient start orb. Whilst at the same time delivering a smooth fade transitional rollover effect like that of Windows 7.


ViGlance SE2 comes with new feature called jump-lists that retrieves your most recently opened documents from several locations on the operating system. Now you can easily access your recently opened files for your opened or pinned programs.

Promotional Videos

The most recent promotional video for ViGlance

The summer edition (ViGlance SE) promotional video

The original promotional video for ViGlance