ViOrb updated to Remastered

I’ve got a present for all you ViOrb fans out there. ViOrb has been completely rewritten from scratch to be faster more reliable and more stable. Get the feedback of ViOrb remastered on Lee-Soft forums. Remastered: Better full screen detection … Read More

ViStart Beta 6 – Build 3468

ViStart has been due an update for some time now. With the release of it’s little brother ViSplore people have began to wonder what about ViStart ? I didn’t forget ViStart. This build was being suspended until the release of … Read More

Merry Christmas

Over christmas, during the time i have all my assignments from university my host wanted to shut me down due to wordpress sucking up cpu usage etc. As a result i am now removing most of the features of my … Read More

ViStart 2661 (VTP)

This is the build of ViStart due to be released in VTP 8 (28th November), enjoy! Build 2661 (VTP Release) Added Mouse Wheel Scrollbar Support Improved arrow key support for treeview navigation (More like Vista’s arrow key navigation) Error 380 … Read More

ViStart get’s an installer

This is the original post from forum member: skiper Note for ViStart users : this install program also acts as an update program of course. If you wish to update only, I recommend you to choose the lite install. Let … Read More

ViOrb Beta 2.2

ViOrb Beta 2.2. This is a demonstration version of the new ViOrb that will be released in VTP 8. ViOb Beta 2.2 Download (Redundant) Fixed ViOrb preventing shutdown Added new full screen detection method (may or may not address full … Read More

ViOrb Beta 2

So here it is, ViOrb Beta 2. This is a demonstration version of the new ViOrb that will be released in VTP 8. (screenshot unrecoverable) ViOrb Beta 2.0 Download (Redundant) ViOb Beta 2.2 Download (Redundant) Fixed – ViOrb falls behind the … Read More

ViStart Russian Hacks

When ever you see the word “hack”, most people usually think of bad things. However that’s not always the case. fediafedia (a moderator in my forums) Took ViStart language customisation to another level. Using a resource hacker, and changing bitmaps … Read More

ViStart Skins

Check out the new skins section of the site if you have not done so already. I have now started publishing some ViStart skins on there. More skins added!