How to get the Windows Start Menu back on Windows 8

It came as a huge surprise to everyone when Microsoft earlier this month released their new Windows 8 Consumer Edition that it came with no windows start menu and no start orb. Apparently a Microsoft director wanted to take Windows … Read More

Updates… updates… and more updates

I’m back at last with a new post. I’ve been busy finding skins for the new skin gallery which you may have noticed. One of my favourite skins is the new XeBlack skin by MateriosDragonius, now with ViStart and XeBlack … Read More

ViStart True Blur Launched!

After vigorous testing in the nightly labs I am proud to release ViStart True Blur edition.  A release of ViStart that’s been long awaited for. Using the new tweaked true blur algorithm on nightly labs ( I am proud to … Read More

What’s next for – You decide!

After I release a new ViGlance build next month to fix the minor issues people are having with the new build – I will be turning my attention to another project and developing that for a while. At this stage; … Read More

ViGlance Summer Edition 2

Usually I would write a big long post but.. instead of that i will let the video do all that for me. I think you get the idea. ViGlance Summer Edition 2 will be released the end of this month. … Read More was hijacked

At first I thought it was human malice but it turns out to be just another bot. A new kind of spam-bot that reprograms websites to redirect to a URL it wants its victims to visit. Yesterday it hit … Read More

Seven Transformation Pack 4.0 Released!

Well it’s been a long wait, but Lucifiar has finally released his Seven Transformation Pack. Now everyone can enjoy the transformation pack with x64 support and improved support for Vista. After the great success of Transformation Pack 3.0 (Which was … Read More

ViStart 7 – Released!

The magical transparent text box? (17/11/2009) After releasing ViStart 7 it seems Windows XP users experienced what i like to call the “magical transparent text box bug”. The bug seems to only occur when applying visual styles to the controls. … Read More

ViGlance 1194 Released

If you want to cut out my ranting and get straight to the point then just get the latest version and read the changelog file. This post is about to describe in a useless and pointless fashion the bug fixes … Read More

ViGlance Summer Edition (Released!)

ViGlance – Summer Edition It is finally here, a version of ViGlance that completes the Windows 7 transformation. The ViGlance Summer Edition. The summer edition of ViGlance adds the following new features and fixes since ViGlance 1 / winter edition … Read More