El Capitan Menu bar for Windows has finally been released.

  • Genuine OS X El Capitan FinderBar user experience
  • Real menu bar from actual software
  • Taskbar items with pinning item and notification support
  • Tray icon support including system icons
  • Date/Time display
  • More to come in future, it’s only the beginning

Click HERE to go to the product page.


  1. Fazil Syed Kaiser

    I got this this finderbar from the ElCapitañ pack from windowsxlive and its not working properly, it just shows a white bar with nothing on it, just the apple logo.

  2. Fazil Syed Kaiser

    No idea… It just starts blank evry time I open it.

  3. Rina

    i have windows xp and when i click on it, it crashes and just shows the orb. not even a white bar..it becomes totally transparent..

    • Lee

      Hi Rina, can you show me a screenshot? Might be easier to e-mail it to me: lchantrey [at] gmail.com

    • Lee

      Also are you an administrator on the Windows XP machine?

  4. mugi nugroho

    i have same problem with fazil syed. I got this this finderbar from the ElCapitañ pack from windowsxlive and its not working properly, i send you a screenshot via e-mail. hope you can help me

  5. joe foster

    how do you pin programs to the finder bar?

    • Mark H.

      1. Open the program.
      2. A small icon of the program you’re using will show right next the “more programs” drop down arrow button. (the sky blue circle in the corner of the icon indicates that the program is active)
      3. Right click on the icon.
      4. Select the option ‘Pin’.

      You’re done! To clarify if it really is pinned to the ViFind finderbar, exit the program. The icon should remain there but without a sky blue circle in the corner of the icon, which indicates that the program is not in use.

  6. Fazil Syed Kaiser

    There is a error file in the vifind folder which says font not initialised in every single line.

  7. Macintosh

    Hey, Lee. I made a dark version of the ViFind! I didn’t change anything, I just changed the colors (inverted). I know you might like it! mega:///#fm/oc1HQb5I

  8. Eric

    Can you update ViStart for Windows 10?

  9. Rowan

    Dark Vifind does not work, can you send me a working copy?

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