Site Hacked

Well this post originally was meant to simply post an update about ViGlance. However as I went to post this update someone attempted to hack the forum database thus compromising the integrity of the entire site. (That’s why some images … Read More

ViGlance Teaser

I just thought I would post some screenshots of the latest internal build of ViGlance. Right now the static thumbnail system is partially complete. I am working on “live” thumbnails for Vista and Seven users now. This is just an … Read More

ViGlance Update

Well my university exams are finally finished. I have a long 4 month holiday(vacation) now. So I can play OutRun on my Xbox 360.. I mean so I can tell you about the features I have been developing in ViGlance. … Read More

ViGlance (Windows 7 SuperBar) Officially Released

Finally, the first version of ViGlance has been released and available for download here; . ViGlance has been updated to Build 1054. This build just fixes a few bugs reported. Check changelog-en for more information. Features include in this … Read More

7Bar (SuperBar) – Official Development Announcement

I have been very busy with 7Bar development and with university work recently. I regret that I have not been able to update my blog in a while. The rumours are true. Development of 7Bar had actually began a few … Read More

ViGlance for Vista?

It’s been a busy week this week. I have finally completed support for both Vista and Windows 7 in ViGlance. Since Windows 7’s architecture at the moment is not much different than Vista’s (as far as the taskbar layout is … Read More

ViStart OneStep Languages Update

ViStart OneStep package has been updated to include 3 new languages: Brazilian,Portuguese and Spanish ViStart OneStep package has been updated to include 2 new languages: Danish and Polish. ViStart OneStep now supports (natively); English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, … Read More

ViStart More Skinning

I am planning a new skin xml file for the next build of ViStart and If there’s one thing skinners would like to change about ViStart it’s the very poor skinning customisation or complete lack of it. That point seems … Read More

Windows7 – It’s time to start something new

About 4 years ago, I was working on pointless messenger clones such as “Nexus Messenger” which was “Just another Messenger clone” it seems everyone was ripping off Messengers back then. Despite my project implimenting features of MSN Messenger BETA before … Read More

ViOrb updated to Remastered

I’ve got a present for all you ViOrb fans out there. ViOrb has been completely rewritten from scratch to be faster more reliable and more stable. Get the feedback of ViOrb remastered on Lee-Soft forums. Remastered: Better full screen detection … Read More