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Lee-Soft.com was made by the creator of ViStart the ultimate start menu replacement for all versions of Windows.


Lee-Soft (this website) was formed in mid 2007 a year before I began my university study. It was launched with a 1 product, ViStart the Windows Start Menu. However I’ve been developing software years before I launched Lee-Soft. In 2005, Lucifiar you may know as Windows X asked me to create a Windows Longhorn Sidebarapplication for his Vista transformation pack. I was content with simply making software that was being used by potentially hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His Vista transformation pack instantly became the most popular Vista transformation pack on the Internet thanks to my Longhorn Sidebar application. This caused confusion within the Windows customization community as people began to mistake Lucifiar as myself, Lee Chantrey.

It wasn’t until early 2007 that I approached Lucifiar and he suggested to make a Vista windows start menu replacement for Windows XP. I worked hard and released several beta versions of ViStart through Lucifiar’s website. Lucifiar became quite a celebrity among the customization community. I was quite proud of my work and knowing it pleased so many people was enough for me to want to continue developing it. Many users thought I was an elite hacker and some thought my windows start menu replacement was the real Vista start menu somehow ripped out of Windows Vista.

Later, I took another job working for British Telecom. I was immediately promoted to ‘Technical Specialist’  based on my knowledge of technology, computers and networking.

Preview of Lee-Soft.com in 2008
Preview of Lee-Soft.com in 2008

Lee-Soft.com in 2008

Whilst working British Telecom I continued my work on my windows start menu replacement with some help from Lucifiar as a software tester. After my 5th beta version I launched Lee-soft.com with ViStart to distinguish myself from Lucifiar. I soon quit my job at British Telecom on good terms and I then spent another 3 years of my life at university. I earnt a degree in Games Technology.

In late 2008 or 2009, I am not sure of the exact date. I met a guy called Thoosje, founder of Thoosje.com. He instantly admired me and my work. He told me I would probably end up working at a place like Microsoft someday. He helped me to optimize my website and showed me how I could earn more from being a coder.

Lee Chantrey