ViGlance Summer Edition (Released!)

ViGlance – Summer Edition It is finally here, a version of ViGlance that completes the Windows 7 transformation. The ViGlance Summer Edition. The summer edition of ViGlance adds the following new features and fixes since ViGlance 1 / winter edition … Read More

Here comes ViGlance Summer Edition

It’s sure been hot recently in the UK, so it’s been difficult to do much work recently. ViGlance (The Summer Edition) is almost here  😀 . So I thought I would post a teaser video demonstrating some of the latest features … Read More

Site Hacked

Well this post originally was meant to simply post an update about ViGlance. However as I went to post this update someone attempted to hack the forum database thus compromising the integrity of the entire site. (That’s why some images … Read More