ViStart More Skinning

I am planning a new skin xml file for the next build of ViStart and If there’s one thing skinners would like to change about ViStart it’s the very poor skinning customisation or complete lack of it. That point seems … Read More

Windows7 – It’s time to start something new

About 4 years ago, I was working on pointless messenger clones such as “Nexus Messenger” which was “Just another Messenger clone” it seems everyone was ripping off Messengers back then. Despite my project implimenting features of MSN Messenger BETA before … Read More

ViOrb updated to Remastered

I’ve got a present for all you ViOrb fans out there. ViOrb has been completely rewritten from scratch to be faster more reliable and more stable. Get the feedback of ViOrb remastered on Lee-Soft forums. Remastered: Better full screen detection … Read More

ViStart Beta 6 – Build 3468

ViStart has been due an update for some time now. With the release of it’s little brother ViSplore people have began to wonder what about ViStart ? I didn’t forget ViStart. This build was being suspended until the release of … Read More