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The Questions

  1. General
    1. What is ViStart?
    2. How do you say 'ViStart'?
    3. Whom do I contact for support?
    4. Where can I get ViStart?
    5. What does BETA actually mean?
  2. Technical Questions
    1. I can't see the ViStart start menu after i opened it
    2. When i try to open ViStart i get the error message "ActiveX Can't Create Object"
    3. There is no right click support
    4. How can i install more ViStart skins?
    5. Can i use ViStart on Vista?

The Answers

A. General

  1. What is ViStart?

    ViStart is a remake (NOT PORT!) of Microsoft's Vista Start Menu. unlike other products which use the name "Vista Start Menu" and in reality arn't anything like Vista's start menu from Microsoft.

    ViStart actually is a TRUE REMAKE of Vista's start menu in terms of functionality and appearence.

  2. How do you say 'ViStart' ?

    Can you believe people e-mailed me to ask this question? Well this has caused a lot of confusion. Some argue it should be said "Vee Start" (like the way Vista is pronoucned). Though i (The programmer) personally pronounce it "vai-start". But if we are to follow the laws of the English language, it should be pronounced "vee-start" (where "vee" rhymes with "Lee").

  3. Whom do i contact for support ?

    Before you contact anyone for support. You should google your error message and search this FAQ. More then likely its a problem with your system or an unusual setting that ViStart had not expected. Also ensure you are using the latest public version of ViStart from

    It may take a few days before you get a responce but you can contact me from leechantrey[at]

  4. Where can i get ViStart ?

    The latest version of ViStart will always be available at before it is available anywhere else. Since i am always updating ViStart you should check back frequently for updates. Though before updating ViStart you should check the Changelog.txt.

  5. What does BETA actually mean ?

    Its a phase in software development before a product is finished it goes through a testing phase. This phase can be refered to as BETA Testing. BETA should not be thought of as the final version of a product but as a demonstration of what the final product should be like when it is complete.

    Orignally ViStart was finished after BETA 5. I didn't plan to continue development of any major features after that. This decision was made because i had assumed everyone would "migrate" to Vista including myself. The main reason i develop ViStart is to make my life easier using XP. But i could get better performance from Windows XP with my games and applications and well mostly everything i run on my machine. So i won't be switching to Vista anytime soon. Therefore i will continue development of ViStart and major features as i see fit. (Thats why BETA 6 exists)

B. General Technical Questions

  1. I can't see the ViStart start menu after i opened it

    ViStart requires that you use the "XP Start Menu". To ensure you are using the XP Start Menu: right click your taskbar and select "Properties" and then select select the "Start Menu" tab. You will see two options. Ensure the "Start Menu" option is selected and then select "Apply" and then "OK".

    Please note at this time ViStart will not work on 64bit versions of Windows. However, it is something i want to fix in SERIES 6 of ViStart.

  2. When i try to open ViStart i get the error message "ActiveX Can't Create Object"

    This error message indicates there is a problem with the library "scrrun.dll". Please ensure the file is registerd and present on your computer. To re-register the file. Click Start > Run. Then type "regsvr32 scrrun.dll" (without qoutes). Then press the OK button. You should recieve a succesfully registerd message. If you recieve another error message then there is most likely a problem with your Window installation. Try doing a repair installation.

    Please note I will not be held responsible if you break something!!

  3. There is no right click support

    Please see what is ViStart. Understand this is not a bug. It is because i have not yet implimented that feature yet. It is something i am working on though.

  4. How do i install new Skins ?

    You can find new skins for ViStart and ViOrb on deviantart. To install a new skin; You should copy the resources and rollovers subfolders (if available) to your ViStart installation folder. This should be in Program Files in the folder named "ViStart". (Start > Run "%programfiles%\ViStart").

    Please note: You should not use the EXE bundled with the skin if there is one. Always use the latest executable from

  5. Can i use ViStart on Vista ?

    Yes you can run ViStart SERIES 6 on all 32bit versions of Vista and all 32bit versions of Windows XP.

ViStart 6.0 - Vista Start menu for XP

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