Coming this February, A fully functional El Capitan finderbar for Windows. Now you can get the same of the look, feel and functionality of El Capitan in Windows for free. Coupled with ViPad (Launchpad for Windows) ViFan can transform your Windows into something like this.

Combining ViPad (El Capitan LaunchPad) and ViFind (El Capitan Finderbar)
Combining ViPad (El Capitan LaunchPad) and ViFind (El Capitan Finderbar) for OSX Feel


Not only does ViFind act as a El Capitan Finderbar but it also acts as a task manager for Windows making the Windows taskbar redundant. Finderbar hides your windows taskbar extending your work area. So look out for ViFind later this month.


  1. Akshay Kankanmeli

    wow, excited…
    i’ve been a regular user of your software since 2010 & absolutely love your work..!!

  2. Groni

    I love the finderbar!! There are just two things that I would fix/add.

    When you want to close a open window with the “X” in the right upper corner, and the mouse is near the finderbar, a popup window opens from the findbar showing the time and date. This blocks to close with the “X” it should only appear when the mouse is on the finderbar.

    A click on the clock would be nice to show the windows time and calender

    Maybe launching the finderbar without a splashscreen would be nice

    • Lee

      Hi Groni, thanks for the feedback. The next version will have an option you can manually change on the settings file to hide the splash screen like other ViApps. As the splash provides much needed advertising it wont be a convenient tick box but at least it will be possible to hide by editing the settings file in the next release.

      Also I will look into date/time popup window activation, I think I know what you mean. It is hindering the work flow.

      • Groni

        Exaclty. It´s just usefull to have the Calender with a click like on the normal Windows Taskbar.

        Then I found another Bug. Some of the Programs on the Autostart Popup dissapear. For example my Anti Virus Software. When I open it up through the icon in the Autostart Dropdown, the it dissapears from that window. So I have to quit the finderbar to see the normal taskbar and have access to it again.

        Others than that and the other things I would love to see in it, it just runs wonderful.


      • name

        Some todo:
        1. It doesn’t show Unicode characters.
        2. In errors.log there are errors before and after start (see log after post)
        3. It would be nice to hide remove the menus from running programs (there is no need when i see a menu in ViFind). Yes, that is tricky, but you are getting ID’s of all menus anyway…
        4. I patched my exe to remove that nasty splash, it’s distracting..

        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,10,”GDI+Framework”,”GDI+ Error”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,”Starting ViDock rev201″
        #2016-07-14 22:00:39#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:40#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:40#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set”,””
        #2016-07-14 22:00:40#,91,”winTaskBar”,”DrawTaskList(); Object variable or With block variable not set”,””

        • name

          Oh, and lastly. Here is how it looks with Nelvetica Neue size 14.
          The looks a litle bit damaged. I have no idea why, but probably because of these GDI errors. I will have to try on a fresh Windows.

          Screenshot was saved as lossless PNG, so there’s no quality loss.

          I’d suggest move the whole project to Github and start accepting tickets, because comments section is a pain in the ass 🙂


          • Lee

            The GDI errors are not related to the drawing of the text. They are “expected” errors, all machines on all platforms will have them. Something isn’t ready to be drawn on yet. It’s actually lazy coding on my behalf really. It should wait until it’s ready.

  3. magnus

    Maybe the next step could be a Dock to complement it.
    Yes, we have a lot of docks for windows but dont work well together
    Dock and finderbar are the same team on OSX, so on windows could be the same app

  4. Tai

    I love your finder bar, it look amazing. However there a quite number of bug which is pretty annoying.

    First, on win10 the start menu leave a gap between itself and the finder bar, while cortana work as expected. Second, a few program (ex musicbee) doesn’t show it icon in the finderbar when open (it still there but icon are invisible), and window universal app simply doesn’t show up at all. Lastly, the battery indicator doesn’t seem to be very accurate, but when I click on it the battery fly-out appear as it should; the same can’t be said for volume and wifi, they just doesn’t work, I can’t change volume or wifi as I would with normal taskbar.

    There also a few small things that I would consider, like increase the opacity of the menu so the text become easier to read, or display the whole title of a window instead of just a part of it with “…” after because there a lot of free space available.

    Those are a few opinions of mine regarding this product. I fully aware that this software is still very young and understandably contain a number of imperfection, so don’t take these as some kind of decrying, I truly enjoy this software, especially the way you make in app menu (file,edit,view,..) available and usable.

  5. Rahatul Islam Prince

    Hello…What you created is great!

    But I installed it and it only shows the name which folders i click…but there is no edit or other options!!!

  6. Aardvark

    This is great except for one problem. When there are two many notification icons, some of them appear in a second row below the others, which makes the it taller, but the background is still the same height.

  7. Meli

    How can I download it?

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  9. Lee

    This project is now maintained on my GitHub.

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