About 4 years ago, I was working on pointless messenger clones such as “Nexus Messenger” which was “Just another Messenger clone” it seems everyone was ripping off Messengers back then. Despite my project implimenting features of MSN Messenger BETA before MSN was even released, unsurprisingly the project still came to no great success and was a misrable failure. Later that year Windows X asked me to make a  Longhorn Sidebar For XP. Graphics interface programming didn’t sound like much fun and i thought it would be ridiculous to even try to make such a project.

Somehow i programmed something that graphicaly resembled the longhorn sidebar. The project became an instant success in the LTP series but i recieved little public acknowledgement for the project. Everyone had believed Windows X was the creator of the sidebar. Whilst he did play a major role in the development and testing he certainly did not program any part of it. Soon after that i went back to developing my personal projects. One was an 2D RPG game engine which  Despite mimicing several classic major RPG game functions from games such as Final Fantasy. The engine didn’t go very far. One of my close friends continues to develop some interesting games with the game engine though. He is yet made a site to publish his work.

About 20 months ago, Windows X asked me to make a Vista Start Menu simulator. At first i thought it was a joke and something which would never get to a usable stable state. It’s still buggy and has it’s fare share of problems even now due to the way Explorer is designed. Though it is somewhat usable. After some sleepless nights i produced some BETA versions of the start menu. Then a guy called Jordey tried to rip off my work and claim it as his own. Fortunately he forgot to change the name on the executable and people found my name in the executable properties. He was quickly recognised as a fraudster.

After this incident and the one with Longhorn Sidebar, Windows X suggested opening a website so people would know who programmed all this products. And so Lee-Soft.com was born early 2007. Then finally people began to recognise me as the programmer of ViStart and that Windows X and I are two different people. At last i became a unique entity..

People may have noticed that all the “Vi” projects are attempting to recreate components of Windows Explorer. They are just a small part of a bigger vision. Sadly they are all buggy and unstable for a big reason. They are not part of the Windows shell they are just trying to attach themselfs to it. I’ve frankly had enough of it. Windows7 is the next step. It’s definately the next step in the way of user interface design. It’s also something i want to have and own. Therefore it’s the reason i am going to attempt something. Forget start menus add-ons, Forget file managers, Forget start button replacements and forget icon add-ons. Think much bigger..

It’s time to start something new  😉

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