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ViStart Glass Unlimited

03-14-08 Update:

I changed the title to “unlimited” since I’m not going to remove the other ViStart skin I put here anymore.


ViStart Glass delivers a shiny look to ViStart. It is easy with the eye and looks great. If you love Windows Aero from Longhorn, this one’s for you!



1. Extract the files in the package.
2. Files and folders included:

> resources (folder)
> mainhook
> Preview
> Readme
> settings
> ViStart 2502
> ViStart 2490

3. Just lauch ViStart and enjoy!

Comments and Suggestions are welcome. Please send me your feedback on my work. Expect to see

more in my gallery. My other works could be found at [link]

This package is a copyright of counteralchemist.
ViStart was made by Lee Matthew Chantrey.
The ViStart Project was managed by Windows X.