EzloXP Windows Start Menu

EzloXP Classic Start Menu Preview
EzloXP Classic Start Menu by fediafieda Preview

EzloXP Classic Start Menu Download Link

A vistart skin to match the new EzloXP substyle port in Aero Ultimate pre-RC2 release [link]
Just replace all images in your vistart resources folder. If you are using the Beta 6 release, the resources folder is in C:\Program Files\ViStart

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  1. Ronald ten Bensel

    I have it downloaded but it wont run on account of i’m in dos mode an don’t know how to change it I’m still making progress an no giving up

    • Lee

      Try completely uninstalling ViStart then downloading the skin and let the skin manager install ViStart. I’ve just tested it and it works on Windows 10 and 7. What OS do you have?

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