There have been some exciting new developments happening in Lee-Soft recently. With the release of Windows 8 some of these developments got delayed as I decided to make a new version of ViStart for Windows 8 users. Saving the world from the horror that is Windows metro. I am happy to present our latest product:Windows Desktop App Launcher – ViPad. Click here to goto the ViPad product page

We did some research into how Windows users use their computer and many users complained constantly about their windows desktop. Myself included, I do believe the Windows desktop is dated and an old fashioned way to access your apps. It has also become a dumping ground for files and other clutter. We figure that it’s not the desktop that’s the problem but the way it gets used by programs that automatically add unwanted shortcuts and files to the desktop. We also figure that you like your desktop backgrounds and your desktop clutter covers those beautiful desktop backgrounds.

Imagine if you could hide all that clutter and still have access to your favorite apps on your desktop with a single click and still see your favorite desktop backgrounds. Imagine if you could navigate and organise your apps effortlessly into your own categories. Imagine if you could have multiple pages on yourwindows desktop. Then you have imagined ViPad. That’s only a few of the possibilities too! ViPad is a launcher that changes into any kind of launcher you want it to be.

Screenshot of ViPad Windows Desktop Launcher showing the Options panel
Screenshot of ViPad Windows Desktop Launcher showing the Options panel

So that’s just one way you can use ViPad but now I am going to demonstrate another way and this is my prefered way of using ViPad. Simply double click just above the tab toolbar in ViPad and it will maximize it so it covers your whole screen and you will be able to select your desired app more easily. ViPad then functions in a similar manner to the app screen on iPhones, iPads and Android phones. Press ViPad on the taskbar to minimize it and again to show it.

No matter which mode you have ViPad in if you double click on an area outside of the apps it will present you with an options screen. Here you can adjust the size of the apps in ViPad to the size you desire.

ViPad, Windows Desktop Launcher maximized
ViPad, Windows Desktop Launcher maximized

You know when you have too many apps on your windows desktop and windows simply hides them from you. This is really undesirable. When there are too many apps to show on ViPad it will automatically create extra pages that you can easily access by sliding to and from the pages with simple intuitive mouse and finger gestures.

Let’s talk about some of the other ways you can use this brilliant app. You can also make ViPad function like a fully customizable High Definition windows dock. It wouldn’t just be any dock though as you can slide your pages with your mouse cursor to access your other favorite apps and resize the dock to be any size you like.

ViPad can be used as a dock
ViPad can be used as a dock

For users who like to tweak there’s also advance options in the settings.xml file located in %appdata%\ViPad. Here you can switch off the tab toolbar and set other icon sizes outside of the options window and more!

I hope you enjoy ViPad and I hope you enjoyed this article. Why not check our video here for more tips on how to use ViPad.

ViPad Windows Desktop Launcher Video Release Preview
ViPad Windows Desktop Launcher Video Release Preview

A Video demonstrating how to use ViPad and some of it’s great new features!

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  1. Rachel

    The only two reason I chose ViPad instead of Fences were because Fences doesn’t let us have *fully transparent* frames with icons of with different sizes in* each* frame…and from the screenshots I hoped that ViPad would let us do just that.
    I wanted ViPad to:
    1. Set the focus on one icon among many others already on my desktop, by having this icon much bigger than the rest.
    2. Have docks of small icons, much smaller than the others already on my desktop, so group them together.

    But sadly:
    – We can only have one size of icon in every instance so far.
    -Frames are too huge and glossy to be integrated in the desktop anyway.
    – The display will bug : sometimes the icons will disappear,other times, its the background of the frames that will turn a solid dark. I’m not sure what I did to trigger either bug.

    ViPad is one of the best Windows App Launchers, but it’s not an efficient desktop organizer so far. So I uninstalled it.
    If you have happen to have an updates schedule that may offer the features I need, then I’d like to know where i can watch it.

    Here are the improvement I suggest:
    – The padding should adapt to the frame size to be sure that the titles, captions, and round dots are always visible.
    – When there is only one icon displayed, there should be a way for the icon to be horizontally centered in the frame.
    – The frame should not have that reflect/glassy effect by default : we should be able to adjust the transparence just like we can adjust the icon size.
    – There should be something to replace the “open with” context menu option for the icons.
    – There should be an option to lock the frame(s) position on the desktop.
    – The instance mode should split the application process in as many clones as we have tabs. So that virtual desktops such as Dexpot could easily make an optimal use of it.

  2. Wayne Orchard

    Can not download ViPad 2.0 error PAGE NOT FOUND.

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