Screenshot showing the product page on
Screenshot showing the product page on

After I release a new ViGlance build next month to fix the minor issues people are having with the new build – I will be turning my attention to another project and developing that for a while. At this stage; I am pleased with ViStart’s current stability and ViGlance’s current stability and I would primarily be focusing on new features for these products (if I were to develop them). However the other projects which are collecting dust such as ViSplore and ViOrb need stability improvements. ViOrb still operates on a hooking mechanism which I decided last year isn’t viable (For those unaware – hooking means to literally hack another process and catch the information it receives and process them in your application (Imagine having a mail forwarding on your inbox – It would surely take longer for the messages to get forwarded). ViSplore currently doesn’t add anything new (other than breadcrumb toolbar) to Explorer and it still doesn’t replace the default explorer correctly. Whilst eye-candy is everything to some users – functionality is more important to me – Eye candy comes after in my opinion. As a user of my own software on my XP machine; I appreciate the new functionality it brings more so than how ‘pretty’ it looks. I still love a pretty face though. So this is what you can expect;


  • Right click for windows related objects in ViStart (folders, shortcut files)
  • Better and more efficient file indexing & WDS/Vista/7 integration
  • A means of blur without DWM (Aka Blur on XP)


  • Skinned jumplists so that they are more like 7
  • A close button on the Windows
  • Layout.xml to customize skin options such as font color and layout of basic elements


  • Better shell integration with Windows
  • Add custom left-side treeview component for browsing folders (Like 7 and Vista already have)
  • Search Integration with ViStart OR WDS integration

Also there is a new Project which I am considering developing (Completely unlike the previous projects) which some people may already have an idea what this might be. The new project will be to provide a framework in the form of a scripting language (Based on JScript) where other developers can effortlessly create similar projects to my projects. Eventually to the point it would be possible to re-create projects similar to what i’ve developed (But with little effort).

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