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Note for ViStart users : this install program also acts as an update program of course. If you wish to update only, I recommend you to choose the lite install.

Let me introduce was this installer proposes.
It gives you the choices of installing in multiple languages, to select the language that will be used in ViStart.

The installer now includes :
– Multi-language support during install and after install
– The brand new ViStart manager to choose any language you want and any skin you want much more easily ( Requires .NET Framework 2.0)
– A brand new huge selection of the best skins i’ve seen on the forums
– The possibility to install ViStart’s extension : ViOrb
Update n°1 – Error 380 Patch included in the pack : ran automatically during install
– The assurance of a fine installation of ViStart and its components.
– Lite Install now avaible if you already have the skin packs.


ViStart 2646 Install – 5.64MB
ViStart 2646 Lite Install – 2.48MB

To download, click on “Télécharger ce fichier”, french equivalent to “Download this file”. I chose this mirror because it is much more rapid and simple.
Change log : see last post.

Have fun!

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