Introduction to ViPad

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ViPad is a the ultimate Windows desktop application launch & organization tool for the windows desktop. You can organize all your windows desktop items in a second and have one click launch for all your favorite apps, games, links, files, social media friends, music and much more.

Everybody that uses computers knows the problem of searching for a desktop link or often cannot find apps and files in the windows start menu. Most people have a cluttered desktop filled with lots of shortcuts and loose time with searching for that shortcut they once put on their desktop. With ViPad you can now easily organize your desktop in a cool and efficient way!

It only takes a couple of minutes to organize your desktop the first time and your set to launch all your favorite stuff in a second.

ViPad Features:

  • Never have a cluttered windows desktop again
  • Organize your desktop and computer apps in minutes
  • Never search again for your favorite apps, tools, files, music, websites, social media One click launch for all your apps, files, web links, etc
  • Have multiple tabs like, desktop icons, favorite apps, control panel, files, music, games, videos, web links, etc
  • Make your own custom tabs and add web links of your choice
  • Have custom icons for apps, files and other quick links on ViPad Copy files, apps and web links effortlessly to ViPad
  • Arrange your apps anyway you want Easy navigating
  • Sliding pages like you have on smart phones and iPad for quick and easy navigation Clean cool look of your desktop
  • Add new and cool icon sets to enhance the look of ViPad True high definition icons

Before you read this tutorial you can watch our Tutorial video for ViPad via this link:

Watch Tutorial video ViPad

ViPad Tutorial

ViPad is very easy to use. There is an import option at install for all desktop icons. If you want to add more document, files, web links, music, video or other stuff you can easily open windows explorer select the items etc you want to add to ViPad and right click with your mouse and choose add to ViPad from the context menu. You also can drag and drop items. For more info watch the tutorial video on YouTube or read our ViPad tutorial document/pdf.

Preview of ViPad on the Windows Desktop
Preview of ViPad on the Windows Desktop


To install ViPad you only have to download the installer named windows-desktop-launcher-ViPad.exe . After downloading open the installer by double clicking it and then the installation begins. During the installation you have the option to import your desktop icons to ViPad. If you select this option, ViPad installer will attempt to import/copy all your desktop icons to it. Don‟t worry because ViPad will not delete any desktop icons from your windows desktop.

ViPad will prompt you to import desktop icons
ViPad will prompt you to import desktop icons

First use of ViPad

ViPad is very easy to use. You can operate it with your mouse or via your touchscreen if you have it. If you have chosen to import the desktop icons you will see that ViPad has the desktop icons placed on the first tab on ViPad.

ViPad Interface

The interface of ViPad is very simple but has many features. It consist of tabs and sliding pages. On the pages you can see the desktop icons that can be links to applications, documents or other files, maps, internet.

ViPad showing multiple tabs for organizing your apps
ViPad showing multiple tabs for organizing your apps

Multiple pages

If the apps can‟t fit on one page they are automatically placed on the next page of that tab. To see the icons on the next page you can slide to that page you like you would on a Smartphone or IPad. Left click hand hold your mouse and drag to the next page. You can also click on the small dots on the middle bottom of ViPad. When there are multiple pages a DOT automatically appears below the page. These DOTs tell how may extra pages there are and are also clickable to go directly to a particular page.

Page Indicator
Page Indicator (on page 2)

You can click the DOTS to go to a page.

ViPad demonstrating multiple pages feature
ViPad demonstrating multiple pages feature

Multiple Tabs

There is an option in ViPad to make more tabs. Just click the  + button and a new tab appears

ViPad Desktop Launcher Tab Area
ViPad Desktop Launcher Tab Area
New Tab shown to the right
New Tab shown to the right

Name and Rename Tabs

You can easily rename tabs. Just right click on the tab name and click rename.

Renaming a tab
Renaming a tab

Then select the text inside the rename window and type the name you want.

Enter new name
Enter new name

Here you can see the result.

New 'folders' tab created
New ‘folders’ tab created

Adding icons for apps, files and links to ViPad

There are many types of links you can add to ViPad and several different ways to add them. Remember you‟re not limited to only your favorite apps, you can also add url links, documents, maps, music and even more.

The most common way is to drag and drop the item into ViPad. Just select files in explorer hold your mouse button and drop them on the ViPad tab of your choice. Another way is to add stuff to ViPad via the right click menu performed with your mouse.

Adding apps through the windows context menu
Adding apps through the windows context menu

You can do this from any file in the windows explorer or direct from the desktop by right clicking desktop icons. In explorer just select any file and right click and choose add to ViPad.

Icon menu in ViPad

By right clicking any icon in ViPad you get a menu. You can perform various tasks from this menu:

  • Remove
  • Change
  • Move to
  • Copy to
"Change" on the context menu
“Change” on the context menu


The remove option is very simple. When you click on remove ViPad just removes this icon from the ViPad page. It doesn‟t remove the file or app itself just the link to it within ViPad.


When clicking the change option you get a new window where you can change various properties for a particular item.

Item properties window
Item properties window

Get new icons

When you click on get new icons you will go to our webpage where you can download complete desktop icon sets to use for ViPad. These Icon sets contain high quality cool desktop Icons that you can use to enhance your ViPad look and experience. The Icon packs can be installed easily and it will place icons in a predetermined map for you so it‟s always easy to use the icon packs in the future when you want to change an icon.

Icons for ViPad
Icons for ViPad

Change icon

Not all apps have high definition icons. To have every icon look cool you can easily replace the standard icon for a particular link. Just click on change icon and you can browse via explorer for any icon you want to use and replace the current icon with. You can download various cool icon packs from our website you can use for free.

Move to

If you want to move an item to another tab in ViPad you can easily do this by selecting “move to”  a sub menu will appear with all tabs you currently have. Just click the tab name you want the icon to move and the I con will move to the tab of your choice.

“Move to” shows tabs as a context menu

When you want to re-arrange an item you also can do this easily by holding down the left mouse button or your finger and then dragging and dropping the item in a new position in ViPad. Using the same technique you can move items to tabs by dropping them onto your desired tab.

Dragging apps between different tabs
Dragging apps between different tabs

Copy to

If you want to copy an icon to another tab in ViPad you can easily do this by selecting copy to a sub menu will appear with all tabs you currently have. Just click the tab name you want the icon to copy and the I con will copy to the tab of your choice.

“Copy To” also shows tabs as a context menu

Copy URL (web links) from your browser to ViPad

You also can easily copy URL‟s (web links) from your browser to ViPad. When you are in your browser you can right click your mouse and get the menu to copy a URL.

Softpedia Website
Softpedia Website

when you select ViPad after this ViPad is automatically recognizing you attempt to copy a URL to ViPad. You can also use the key combination “CTRL C” to copy a link from a browser. After you selected ViPad this will be the window that pops up automatically.

Add new web address popup
Add new web address popup

To add the URL to ViPad just click Yes.

Add new web address confirmation Window

After you click yes. A new windows appears to let you name the icon or change the icon like we explained previously in this tutorial.

New Internet Shortcut Properties
New Internet Shortcut Properties

We only choose rename the icon and change the icon name into “Softpedia”.

Screenshot of ViPad “Bookmark” Tab when add link from browser is completed
Screenshot of ViPad “Bookmark” Tab when add link from browser is completed

Hot keys

To switch between tabs ViPad has a simple “Hot key” feature that is easy to remember. When ViPad is active you just can simply use the numbers on your keyboard to switch between tabs. Like when you press 1 you go to tab 1. press 2 got to tab 2 and so on

1 = tab position 1
2 = tab position 2

Understanding the settings.xml file

As with most ViApps like ViPad, more advanced features can be enabled or disabled by going to the application data folder and then the name of the ViApp. You will need to have opened the application at least once so that it can make a settings file otherwise there will not be any settings.xml file to modify.

To access the file simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Press Windows Key + R to open the windows run dialogue
  2. Type, “notepad %appdata%\vipad\settings.xml” (without quotes)
  3. Push enter and you should be presented with the settings.xml file.

A typical settings XML file for ViPad will look something like this (without colors). I’ve colored some sections blue, these sections can be changed within the ViPad options dialogue which can be accessed by double clicking anywhere outside an icon in ViPad. The sections we are interested in are the green sections. At this time we are not making these features accessible on the options dialogue is because disabling or enabling these features can make the ViApp operate in a way that might seem confusing to most users.

Typical ViPad settings.xml file






<Rect id=”MainWindow” left=”362″ top=”101″ width=”1247″ height=”857″ /> </settings>

So if we want to enable the DockMode feature we replace the word “false” with “true” on the line that starts with “<DockMode>” and as you might expect, to disable a feature we would write “false” instead of “true”. You can also use 0 and 1 as an indicator of false and true

Here’s an explanation of each feature.


When enabled it will hide the upper tab menu on ViPad so you can operate ViPad as if it were a dock.


When enabled, ViPad will check with to make sure you have the latest public version of ViPad. We recommend you leave this enabled


When enabled it makes ViPad appear on your Windows taskbar or ViGlance superbar.