Thank you for installing ViPad – The Ultimate Windows Desktop Launcher

Thank you for installing ViPad!

Changing the way you use your windows desktop computer

Never have a clutterd windows desktop again!

We’ve added tabs and pages so you can easily categorize your apps into your own personalizable tabs so you wont need your desktop ever again. Making your life simpler

Arrange and change everything

Everything in ViPad can be moved or changed. Arrange apps anyway you like or even change app icons to any personalised image of your choice. Change apps to any size you like or even slide the tabs to any position you like. It doesn’t stop there either as you can resize ViPad to any size that suits your needs. You can even turn ViPad into a dock if you wanted.

Simple and easy gestures make it easy to use ViPad

We’ve studied the way people use computers and technology and we noted that everyone from computer profesionals to novice users want a simple and fast way to access their apps. That’s why we made it as simple as possible to access your favourite apps in ViPad. Swipe pages with your fingers or your mouse, everyone’s welcome in ViPad.

Easily add bookmarks

When ever you copy a web address in your browser ViPad will immediately detect it and offer you the opertunity to add to ViPad.