Well my university exams are finally finished. I have a long 4 month holiday(vacation) now. So I can play OutRun on my Xbox 360.. I mean so I can tell you about the features I have been developing in ViGlance.

I have been getting more data about the blank taskbar bug that some users appear to be having. I can confirm that this doesn’t just happen at start-up. All XP users are affected by this bug. Very rarely it may occur when you simply open the ViGlance executable.
So far the list of features implemented in the new builds of ViGlance (though experimental at this stage are)

  • Pin to taskbar – Add favourite and commonly used applications to the taskbar
  • Movable taskbar items – Personalise the taskbar item order

Before release, I plan to have those features stable. As well as adding these additional features

  • Windows live previews (dynamic for Vista)
  • Windows live previews (static/non animated for XP)
  • Options dialogue to turn on/off features


7Bar Drag Feature Preview
7Bar Drag Feature Preview

Enjoy the summer holidays,
Lee Chantrey

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