Windows 7 SuperBar/ViGlance Demonstration Video
Windows 7 SuperBar/ViGlance Demonstration Video

It’s sure been hot recently in the UK, so it’s been difficult to do much work recently.

ViGlance (The Summer Edition) is almost here  😀 . So I thought I would post a teaser video demonstrating some of the latest features of the summer edition. Before releasing it though I want to try to fix a few more minor glitches. I am trying my best to implement semi-automatic “live thumbnails” for XP users as well as Vista and Seven users (Originally I didn’t intend to extend “live thumbnail” support to XP). Which can be seen in the video demonstration. 7TP mark 2 is almost ready for ViGlance. Though if you read my last post, you will know Lucifiar is probably swapping hosts right now. No doubt this will delay the initial release of ViGlance. (ViGlance is infact ready for release now)

The bad news is that previous skins are no longer compatible with ViGlance. The button graphic may require some additional modifications to be able to work with the latest versions of ViGlance.

The blank taskbar bug that strangely occured at startup has been proven to be fixed.

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