ViGlance – Summer Edition

It is finally here, a version of ViGlance that completes the Windows 7 transformation. The ViGlance Summer Edition.
The summer edition of ViGlance adds the following new features and fixes since ViGlance 1 / winter edition

  • Added Feature – Dynamic Window Thumbnails
  • Added Feature – Application Pinning
  • Added Feature – Custom Item Positions
  • Fixed – Blank taskbar startup bug
  • Fixed – Vertical taskbar glitches
  • Fixed – Active Window showing wrong item state colour unlike Windows7

Well i have not managed to complete every feature request for ViGlance. Unfortunately trying to cram features into ViGlance at the last moment would mean having to retest everything over again. I hope you enjoy the latest version of ViGlance. I think i will invest some of my free time now into relaxing.

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