If you want to cut out my ranting and get straight to the point then just get the latest version and read the changelog file. This post is about to describe in a useless and pointless fashion the bug fixes done to ViGlance. C’mon, these posts are getting boring these days…

Latest version of ViGlance can be downloaded from here as usual;

Instead of adding fancy features or just working on some other project or something to that affect, I thought I would dedicate my spare time to exterminating the most infamous bugs in the ViGlance town. Sheriff Lee is on the case. Our most wanted criminal (The randomly appearing preview window) has now been terminated. Along with his partner in crime the desktop that couldn’t keep its clothes on (The flashing desktop). Read the change log times for additional criminals that have been locked up.

However a few other law breakers are still around, Sheriff Lee won’t rest until they are brought to justice.

Have a good summer

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