ViOrb the windows start button for Windows just got a major update. Still retaining the blending orb feature I’ve added support for Windows 8 and 8.1 and the ability to jailbreak the windows start button out of the windows task bar to position it anywhere you want! With the simple 2 step installations process you will be customizing your start button in under a minute.

  • More windows start buttons!
  • Support for Windows 8 and 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and more!
  • Move your start button anywhere on the windows desktop
  • Pick new start button skins directly from the start button
  • New right click menu makes it easier to access features and other windows start buttons

ViOrb is back and this time with support for Windows 8 and 8.1 and with the ability to change the windows start button directly from ViOrb. Plus the option to re-position the start button anywhere on your windows desktop. Also ViOrb now comes with even more windows start buttons to customize your windows desktop. It’s easy to replace your windows start button, simply click the “Download” button below and run the installer. You will then be presented with some options that will allow you to really personalize your windows start button the way you want it.

Before and After ViOrb start button on Windows
Before and After ViOrb start button on Windows

Note: If you’re upgrading your start button from an older version of ViOrb then you won’t be presented with the Options dialogue when you initially launch ViOrb.
Right click the Orb and go to “Settings” to show the new options dialogue.

If you’re using Windows 8 you might want to pick from one of the Windows 8 style start buttons. Simply pick one of the start buttons in the list and ViOrb will automatically update with the new start button. ViOrb will try it’s best to align itself to where it thinks the start button should be placed but sometimes you might want to give it that extra nudge to the right or left. That’s where the handy “Nudge Orb” tool comes in handy. Let’s suppose the Orb is too far to the left, simply click the “Right arrow” button and the orb will be nudged to the right.

ViOrb Start Button Download Link

ViOrb start button options panel
ViOrb start button options panel

I know each start button has different sizes and dimensions so you will logically want to change the position of each button individually. So next time you want to swap to a different start button ViOrb will remember where you nudged it to and use that setting. Also there might be times when you might want to move the start button out from the taskbar. Now that’s possible! With the new “Manually Position Orb” feature you can place the start button absolutely anywhere on the windows desktop. Just tick “Manually Position Orb” and move the cursor to where you want your start button. Jailbreaking your start button out of the windows task bar!

Windows start button jailbreak
Windows start button jailbreak


  1. Josepth Christ

    Now in this time, I want to uninstall this viorb (Windows Start Button). How to uninstall it. Because I cannot find it in control panel>programs & features.

    Help me pls!!

  2. Jacqui Mortimer

    I’ve got windows 10 I don’t like it will this help me. I liked XP which is still on my lap top but I down loaded windows 10 on my tower I can’t do things I did with XP eg down load photo’s from camera /mobile it was so easy before.

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