Well this post originally was meant to simply post an update about ViGlance. However as I went to post this update someone attempted to hack the forum database thus compromising the integrity of the entire site. (That’s why some images couldnt be loaded earlier today) In order to the protect the data of my forum users I deleted the database. I was able to sustain the site using my new cache system thankfully. Some post my have got lost on the forum since my last backup. I do apoligise. I do plan to take counter measures.

As for WindowsXLive the website recently got “hijacked”. An agreement was established between the owner of JCXP (Jack) and Windows X many years ago that allowed lucifiar to host his website on Jack’s server freely. Such a nice guy? No.. After the initial 7TP release Jack injected his ads into Window X’s html files. This isn’t an isolated incident either. According to Mr Lucifiar, this has happened on several occasions. (apparently he was willing to turn a blind eye to the other occasions). If it was me, i would get a new host.

I’ve decided to split this post for obvious reasons. See next post for details of what I actually wanted to say today.

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