Seven Transformation Pack Preview Desktop Preview
Seven Transformation Pack Preview Desktop Preview

Well it’s been a long wait, but Lucifiar has finally released his Seven Transformation Pack. Now everyone can enjoy the transformation pack with x64 support and improved support for Vista. After the great success of Transformation Pack 3.0 (Which was deemed the most stable and refined transformation pack) I wonder if 4.0 can be even better? With the latest version of ViStart 7 bundled and an exclusive skin for ViGlance and ViStart made by Lucifiar (latest version available directly from

It also includes a specialized version of ViGlance (which is now available from that is fully compatible with the latest version of ViStart 7. Now the orb in ViGlance can be used to summon ViStart 7. The two programs integrate seamlessly. It also bundles a new stable version of “TrueTransparency” which Lucifiar moved to the safelist. So users can finally enjoy Aero styled windows without worrying about stability problems.

Another significant change is the localization support. Lucifiar delayed the transformation pack to ensure this feature. Using a specialized file called “vilang.sif”. You are now able to modify the user interface without the need to hack the executable directly. This a major improvement since the previous transformation packs. So the transformation pack can be customized for any language.

Well, that’s all for 4.0 release in brief. Though previous version is called perfection but this version is something beyond the perfection. Have you seen any pack that does system files modification for both XP/Vista and x86/x64? No, right? So this is an innovation based on perfection. Ahhh, seems like I’m getting little cocky from finishing this challenging task. Let’s just download and enjoy the release now :P.

Instead of focusing on new features. Lucifiar has refined his existing features to bring this Transformation Pack. Which i feel is a good direction for the transformation pack. The only problem i can see with this transformation pack is it doesn’t seem to be a major improvement over the previous pack for XP 32-bit users. But there is still some gain for XP-32bit users (at least the transformation pack bundles updated 3rd party software).


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