Windows 7 SuperBar/ViGlance Demonstration Video
Windows 7 SuperBar/ViGlance Demonstration Video

I have been very busy with 7Bar development and with university work recently. I regret that I have not been able to update my blog in a while.

The rumours are true. Development of 7Bar had actually began a few months ago. I have been using Windows 7 recently and I am prepared to officially announce that 7Bar is being developed and is somewhat near beta testing.

As you come to expect from most software i develop with Lucifiar; The graphical user interface is alpha blended with existing windows. Skins are in PNG format. ViOrb skins can easily be ported to the SuperBar resources folder without additional image modifications. It will include a module based on the new version of ViOrb (with additional transitional effects) and process grouping with process/group transitional affects like Windows 7’s superbar. At the moment we have decided that the first public version of 7Bar will packaged in Lucifiar’s 7TP. The download link will be made available about the same time as the transformation pack is released.

One feature that tends to be overlooked in the software I develop is “Right Click”. I have read hundreds of e-mails of people requesting “Right Click” functionality for ViStart. So the implementation of Right Click and context menus have been implemented since the beginning of 7Bar. ViStart will be completely rewritten this summer (with right click and a new rendering system (as seen with 7Bar). ViSplore’s future is still pending at this time.

7Bar will be fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. There is also experimental 64bit compatibility. As well as partial Windows Seven support. There are noticeable abnormalities with the way Windows 64bit handles x64 and x86 processes and thus there are often 2 versions of the same executable. (64bit will compatibility will be implemented in the first public version though not officially supported). It may mean that 7bar will perceive them as two separate group objects on it’s task list. This contradicts the way Windows Seven defines separate groups on 64bit editions of Windows.

There are other features being implemented that I am not prepared to announce. As I am uncertain I can safely implement them in the first public build of 7Bar. Development will continue after the initial release of 7Bar. Even though I am the only programmer of 7Bar, Lucifiar has helped out a great deal. He has produced some promising concept art and given up his personal time to ensure the quality of 7Bar meets certain expected standards. He has tested over 900 builds of 7Bar so far.

All major feature of 7Bar are already complete. You are probably waiting for me to announce a deadline. We are aiming to finish before the end of April.

Enjoy the easter holidays!
Lee Matthew Chantrey

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