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New major update ViStart 8.1 the ultimate start menu for windows 8


Bring the start menu back in Windows 8 and work with Windows 8 like you’re used too in Windows 7

Vistart the free start menu for Windows 8 and older Windows versions got a "double" major update with lots of new and improved features. Vistart has of course all the features that you expect from a start menu and then some more. One of the best features in comparison of some paid alternatives like Start8 from Stardock, is of course that Vistart 8 is completely free while having more features and functionality.

Windows 8 start menu skin

start menu windows 8 logowindows 8 start menu download
  • Now ViStart comes with 3 Start Menu skins and 4 Start menu buttons pre installed and a completely renewed skin manager making Vistart the best customizable Start menu on the net.


  • New control panel with lots of extra features


  • Skip the Metro and boot directly to your windows 8 desktop. Plus more options now to control "metro" desktop behavior


  • Right click on “Apps” search result to pin a app to the start menu. Plus addition right click support.


  • Vistart 8 functions in Windows 8 just like the original start menu in windows 7 and has some extra features on top of that especially for windows 8. For EXTRA features. Simply right click the windows start button and you will be presented with an “OPTIONS” menu. Here you access to frequently used windows features as well as a few extra ViStart features.







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Read more of the new and improved Start Menu features of Vistart 8.1:

Start Menu Skins

The most eye catching is of course the complete renewed skin manager for Vistart that comes with already 3 pre installed skins and 4 start button images. You can change the Vistart skins now in a eye blink without even have to restart Vistart or Windows. This is also the case for the start buttons you can change them independently  from the skins so you can mix start buttons and skins to select your look of choice for Vistart. On our website you can download 25 additional free skins and 20 buttons that are now even more easy to install for everyone . Also you can use your own .png images to enhance your start menu button or create your own skin. We can proudly say that Vistart is the most customizable start menu available on the net.

3 start menu themes
Windows 8 start menu XeBlack 2.0 Windows 7 style start menu


Completely new control panel

Vistart has a completely new control panel for all options and preferences that is easily accessible from various places within the Start menu. Now  you can adjust all settings/options/preferences in one place and we added a lot of new options and settings.



Windows Start menu control panel



Metro Control and Access

Within the control panel you can control how metro is behaving or even disable certain metro features. Par example you can set Windows 8 to skip the metro and boot directly to the windows 8 desktop. You also can Disable “hot” corners, charms bar, etc so you even can make Windows 8 function like Windows 7.

Windows Start menu control panel


New and Improved Features list

There are too many new settings and features to discuss them all in detail  but here is a list that sums up the most important ones:

For more info on all features of Vistart, the ViStart user guide, Vistart FAQ and to download the new Vistart 8.1 go to our website


Vistart - windows 8 start menu features:


Vistart - Windows 8 Start menu Download & installation:

Vistart 8 will work also in Windows 7/Vista/XP. You can download Vistart 8 for free at :

When you install Vistart in Windows 8 the Vistart installer will show a UAC “User Account Control” Window just click Yes to start the installation.


Windows start menu installation UAC


History of Vistart “Windows start menu”

Vistart originally was made in 2006 to have a Vista start menu for windows XP. Since then has been updated many times.  In February 2012 we decided to make a new version that would have special features for Windows 8. Since Microsoft decided to get the start menu out of Windows 8 we added extra features so users can have the best of windows 8 and windows 7 combined.

More info on our windows 8 start menu


If you have an issue with ViStart, then please check the ViStart Start Menu Frequently Asked Questions page. . if after that you are still having issues with ViStart please contact me:

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