Thank you for installing ViStart 8 – the Ultimate start menu for windows

Thank you for installing ViStart 8 – the Ultimate start menu for windows!

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Now with Ultra Blur!

Now it’s finally here! The build of ViStart that everyone has been waiting for. ViStart now comes with an dynamic ‘Ultra Blur’ effect that is completely compatible with newer and older versions of Windows.

Brand new Windows 7 Skin + Brand new skinning possabilities

The new version of ViStart (ViStart 7) comes with a Windows 7 skin. This is made possible through a specialised XML file called “layout.xml”. This new XML file gives skin and theme developers complete control of the layout of the start menu. Meaning it’s now possible to create a totally unique start menu with ViStart. Without the layout.xml file ViStart defaults to the original Vista layout.

The only ‘stable’ version of ViStart

After ViStart 6 (The version of ViStart that looks like Windows Vista) I completely reprogrammed ViStart from scratch. ViStart has seen 6 major BETAS/stages before it reached a stable state that it is in now. Each BETA pushed a major feature of ViStart.

  • BETA 1 which literally was a skin without any functionality.
  • BETA 2 introduced the right hand menu, which we can still see today “Documents”, “Pictures” etc.
  • BETA 3 instroduced a fully functional Vista program menu (Without searching capabilities).
  • BETA 4 made a new kind of recent documents.
  • BETA 5 the build that would launch introduced file searching capabilities directly from the start menu.
  • BETA 6 manly bug fixes, (Unicode support) added support for oriental operating systems.
  • Stage 7, coincidentally co-incited with the latest version of Windows, Windows 7.

By integrating ViOrb into ViStart it made it possible to make a verison of ViStart that doesn’t crash the Windows explorer.

Optimised file and program searching

The file and program searching routine in ViStart is not only faster than Window Vista’s searching routine, but it’s still quicker than Windows 7’s searching routine too.