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Easily navigate your file system with breadcrumbs

Traditionaly a path is seperated with forward slashes. When a user wants to navigate to a sub folder inside path. They would need to breakup the path or simply retype. Breadcrumbs breakup paths into logical clickable and easy to access folder objects. So you simply click the folder you wish to move up to. Also each folder object is a hyprid drop down menu that populates sub folders of the parent folder object.

Navigate with Vista style

Perhaps the most highly regarded feature of Vista is its glass user interface. ViSplore by default uses a Vista glass style skin designed by WindowsX.


ViSplore Desktop Screen 1

Quickly access your desired files with the QuickFind feature

Often when we are browsing a folder with a lot of files, we commonly want to find one file or folder specificaly. With the quickfind feature in ViSplore, you can simply begin typing the file or folder you are looking for and ViSplore will highlight it.

ViStart Desktop Screenshot 2

Videos (Preleased Videos of ViSplore)

ViStart - Instant Program Search ViStart - Instant File Search


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