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Thank you for installing ViGlance Summer Edition 2!

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Windows TaskBar, ViGlance - Jumplists
Windows TaskBar, ViGlance – Jumplists

Intelligent ‘Hybrid’ Jumplist support

By utilizing and combining all the available information in Windows XP and Vista, ViGlance SE2 sports a new hybrid jumplist by retrieving recently opened documents from several locations on the operating system (Without the need of an association list).

Shift+Left click opens new instances

Now when you hold Shift and left click on a process in the ViGlance superbar it will open a new instance of it (just like in Windows 7).

Drag and drop shortcuts to pin them

With the new improved pinning system you are now able to drag your favourite shortcuts to ViGlance and ViGlance will automatically pin them to its taskbar.

Brand new customized Windows 7 RTM Skin

By default ViGlance SE2 comes with a new and improved Windows 7 like skin made by a Lee-Soft community member: rainoffire.

Complete 64bit Support

With the new enhanced process management system now 64bit users can enjoy complete support for 64bit applications.