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Author Topic: ViGlance does not work with remote desktop program - taskbar buttons not visible  (Read 1944 times)
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« on: August 17, 2009, 06:02:55 PM »

ViGlance build 1194
XP SP3, English
Desktop clone

This looks like it's another manifestation of the 16-bit color bug that's already been reported.  To recreate, either run Remote Desktop and connect to another machine (I do this at work), or just change the desktop color depth on your local machine to 16-bits, and all of your taskbar buttons will disappear.

Unfortunately, Remote Desktop only runs with a 16-bit color depth (although apparently this may be configurable to a maximum depth of 24-bit color via a registry change), so changing to 32 bits is not an option while running in this environment.

Hopefully this limitation is something that can be fixed in a future version.

By the way, thanks Lee, for coding this, and I hope your summer has been a good one.  I've been running Windows 7 at home for the last several months in a dual-boot environment and I've learned to really appreciate the new Windows 7 taskbar.  I booted into XP and installed ViGlance a few days ago, and it's working so well that I haven't yet felt any need to go back to Windows 7.

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