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Author Topic: Unable to Run ViStart Without Elevated Priviledges  (Read 1282 times)
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« on: August 17, 2012, 08:00:49 AM »

I am running Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 with ViStart 7.0 v2.0 Build 3866.

I saw this issue posted a couple years ago, but it never received a workable answer and hasn't gotten a response since 2010, so I thought I'd bump the issue again.

ViStart will not run under standard user settings, it must be run with administrator privledges.

This is more of an issue with Windows 8 because the default user does not have administrator privledges.

In my experience, this means ViStart will not run on Windows startup and must be manually run.  When it is run manually, administrator credentials must be supplied.

While on the surface this may appear trivial, it means that administrator credentials must be shared if the computer is used by more than one person or on a domain.

Additionally, it means that the programs run from the ViStart menu run under the administrator account.  This is problematic in many ways.  One particular problem is that Outlook does not use the logged on user's Exchange account, but instead uses the local or domain administrator's account.  The same is true for Internet Explorer and any program that uses the account settings used for Internet Explorer, such as proxy servers that require authentication and SharePoint.

The user name and picture shown on the ViStart menu is that of the administrator, not the currently logged on user.

The path shown for the documents in the options menu, is C:\Users\administrator\Documents instead of the currently logged on user's document directory.

I suspect, but have not verified, that running programs from ViStart will run them with administrator level access, which could have serious security implications.

The lack of a traditional start menu is a major weakness of Windows 8.  Being able to use ViStart, or an alternare Start Menu application is crucial for Windows 8 to be adopted by existing Windows users.  ViStart is by far the best Start Menu application I have found for Windows 8 in terms of functionality and accurate recreation of the Windows Start menu from previous versions.  However, with the restriction that it must be run with administrator credentials makes it a no go for any parent or employer who does not wish to provide that level of access to everyone who wants to use the computer.

I'd love to use ViStart and would pay to do so in a corporate environment.  But not without fixing the admin credential requirement.
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