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Updates... updates... and more updates

November 25, 2011, 06:33:01 AM

I'm back at last with a new post. I've been busy finding skins for the new skin gallery which you may have noticed. One of my favourite skins is the new XeBlack skin by MateriosDragonius, now with ViStart and XeBlack skin all Windows users can make their Windows start menu look like this:

I've also been fixing ViStart and recoding ViOrb. I come baring fixes for everyone! Firstly I've fixed the sorting problem in ViStart 7 now so it correctly sorts programs alphabetically and lists programs before folders (Just like Windows 7 does)

And finally for Windows 7 users, I've fixed the annoying user avatar bug and for my 64bit users I've made 64bit icons display correctly and 64bit apps open correctly too. Which was a nightmare within itself due to the way Windows handles x86 programs on 64bit.

Now let's move onto ViOrb! I've integrated the new blending start menu button from ViGlance and i've also made a built in skin manager for ViOrb.  

Now you don't need to damage your computer with badly made transformation packs because Lee-Soft software doesn't make permanent changes to your system files. With a few clicks you can disable or uninstall my software effortlessly and best of all it's absolutely free. You shouldn't need to damage your computer to customize it

ViStart True Blur Launched!

August 24, 2011, 06:26:16 PM

After vigorous testing in the nightly labs I am proud to release ViStart True Blur edition.  A release of ViStart that's been long awaited for. Using the new tweaked true blur algorithm on nightly labs (http://nightly.lee-soft.com) I am proud to present this edition of ViStart - With true blur capability that can be found in Windows 7 and Vista. A much needed update for ViStart.

It's taken a few years, but I've finally managed to make a stable blur feature for ViStart. Also this release includes a few tweaks and updates to the shutdown procedure, to fix the annoying Dwwin bug. Grab it at the product homepage http://lee-soft.com/vistart

Build 3759

* Added - True blur
* Added - Blur mask bmp (requirement)
* Fixed - Dwinn shutdown error

Lee-Soft nightly builds (Development Blog 2.0)

September 06, 2010, 12:00:32 PM

Lee-Soft.com changes -

I have launched a new development blog today where i will be doing micro-releases of my products. All major builds will still be posted on Lee-Soft.com like before - but for those who want more and can't wait, you will be able to test the latest Lee-Soft.com projects as I release each build. Sometimes there will be new and experimental features or sometimes a small bug fix. These builds are not meant as stable builds however - You can expect micro-releases of your favourite products here. I haven't forgot my promise to release a new fixed version of ViGlance SE2 either - I will also post that here. I ask you to report each problem on the respective build's post on the development blog - Try not report the same bugs if they are already in the last major build of the ViProduct

To celebrate the launch I have uploaded an experimental blur build for ViStart on the new development blog.

Major builds will continue to be hosted and updated on Lee-Soft.com, nothing changes here -
All builds will be published on my new development blog (major, minor, public, experimental, unstable)

See you there -

* ViStart Update - 10th October 2010 (ViStart True Blur!) *

* ViStart Update - 11th August 2011 (ViStart Dwwin Fix) *

* ViGlance 1276 - 7th September 2010 *

What's next for Lee-Soft.com - You decide!

August 17, 2010, 05:24:28 AM

After I release a new ViGlance build next month to fix the minor issues people are having with the new build - I will be turning my attention to another project and developing that for a while. At this stage; I am pleased with ViStart's current stability and ViGlance's current stability and I would primarily be focusing on new features for these products (if I were to develop them). However the other projects which are collecting dust such as ViSplore and ViOrb need stability improvements. ViOrb still operates on a hooking mechanism which I decided last year isn't viable (For those unaware - hooking means to literally hack another process and catch the information it receives and process them in your application (Imagine having a mail forwarding on your inbox - It would surely take longer for the messages to get forwarded). ViSplore currently doesn't add anything new (other than breadcrumb toolbar) to Explorer and it still doesn't replace the default explorer correctly. Whilst eye-candy is everything to some users - functionality is more important to me - Eye candy comes after in my opinion. As a user of my own software on my XP machine; I appreciate the new functionality it brings more so than how 'pretty' it looks. I still love a pretty face though. So this is what you can expect;

  • Right click for windows related objects in ViStart (folders, shortcut files)
  • Better and more efficient file indexing & WDS/Vista/7 integration
  • A means of blur without DWM (Aka Blur on XP)

  • Skinned jumplists so that they are more like 7
  • A close button on the Windows
  • Layout.xml to customize skin options such as font color and layout of basic elements

  • Better shell integration with Windows
  • Add custom left-side treeview component for browsing folders (Like 7 and Vista already have)
  • Search Integration with ViStart OR WDS integration

Also there is a new Project which I am considering developing (Completely unlike the previous projects) which some people may already have an idea what this might be. The new project will be to provide a framework in the form of a scripting language (Based on JScript) where other developers can effortlessly create similar projects to my projects. Eventually to the point it would be possible to re-create projects similar to what i've developed (But with little effort).

To be able to vote you have to log into the forums and then you can vote here;
Join the community to vote on what you want developed!